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Better Together With Group Physiotherapy Classes

Do you sometime feel a bit stuck when you are trying to stand up? Not as confident as you would like be? This is such a common problem, we designed a class to tackle it called “fit to stand”. If you can follow simple instructions and you can stand alone or with help we welcome you to consider joining our “fit to stand” class. 

Our classes have a lighthearted warmup, followed by strength and flexibility exercises at a pace that matches your abilities. While the kinesiologist guides the group through exercise our physiotherapist takes time out with each participant, discovering and practicing the most successful strategy to get from sitting to standing.


If getting up is the hardest part, this class is for you! 

In order for this to be the best experience possible for everyone in the class, we need to verify a few things before you can register:

  • We confirm that your abilities are a great match for the class content with an initial assessment (this is required only for those people who are not receiving regular physiotherapy services from us) 
  • We do a practice run of the class with a 30 minute 1:1 session (this is required for all participants of a class) 

There is registration for Classes to be  held once a week for 6-10 weeks at facilities across Calgary. Class will start when all spots are filled.

Our Vision Is to Help All Adults Find Immediate Rewards From Moving Their Bodies

What Makes Homebody Health Unique?


Custom Designed Exercises

The right exercises can make all the difference. We couldn’t find exercises that met our standards, we made our own.

Real Useful Information

Improve your understanding of how your body moves.


Flexible Homework

Achieve confidence in your ability to set goals and priorities for a lifetime of movement.

Better Movement is Our Mission

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