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We are Calgary’s choice for in-home physiotherapy.  We meet you where you are, at home, at any stage in your journey through your adult life. When you are feeling stuck, our experienced team of professionals meets your demand for expertise. By connecting immediate rewards of movement to your health goals, we are helping you take better care of yourself.

Meet Our Team of Clinicians

Melissa DeSmet

Melissa formed Homebody Health Inc. in 2013 after noticing that people who wanted more help in the community had a tough time finding physiotherapy in their home and on their terms. She learned about what the public system could provide while working in hospitals and home care, then sought out respected business mentors in the community to help her carve her own career path. She knows home health care is, and always will be, shaped by the hearts and minds of the people who need it and use it. She will continue to ask and listen to her client’s needs as well as their support network, one major questions being “what movements matter to you?”  She strives to always learn more by listening intently, and sharing the perspective gathered both inside and outside the Homebody Health team.
Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation-Physiotherapy (2008)

Michelle Joubert

Michelle began her career in the hospital setting, assisting people after surgeries or setbacks from minor illness to the need for intensive care. She then treated aches, pains, strains and strains in a private clinic. Michelle is passionate about working with a company that has a fresh outlook on how to make a difference in people’s lives and recently she has taken on a new mission that utilizes all of her past experience: providing public education about staying active, preventing falls and dealing with dementia.
Bachelor of Science Degree, Physical Therapy (1992)

Charles Plett

Charles Plett brings a wealth of experience to his position with Homebody Health. Since graduating in 1999 he has worked in the hospital, both in acute care and intensive care, as well as in home care. Privately he also has many years of experience treating people with everyday aches and pains, sports injuries, and motor vehicle injuries. What ultimately drives Charles are is people; besides simply enjoying being with people, he is energized by the challenge of finding solutions to the physical challenges they face. Unlike some of the confines and limitations of public health and private clinics, Homebody Health is a good fit for Charles. This is because Homebody Health is virtually unfettered; whether it’s scheduling issues, time allotment or treatment approaches, Charles has the flexibility and freedom to do what works for the patient.

Eric So

Eric understands from first hand experience how physiotherapy can return a person to their most cherished activities, having had physiotherapy throughout his life as an athlete. Eric assesses aches, pains, strains and sprains with his hands using his acupuncture and Level 2 manual therapy training. Eric is also is fluent in both English and Cantonese. He is pleased to reciprocate the support that physiotherapy has given him in the past.
Master of Science, Physiotherapy (2010)

Sophia Yee

Sophia has taken a keen interest in how the injured brain functions. Her approach to recovery uses her experience from working in neuro rehabilitation and uses her hands-on assessment skills from manual therapy training. Because of her post-graduate training she can assess the various causes of dizziness and make recommendations. Her patient’s also appreciate the special permission she has been given to order diagnostic imaging when it is necessary and use acupuncture needles in practice.
Masters in Physiotherapy (2009)

Melanie Loewen

To do rehabilitation work has been a dream of Melanie’s since she required the services herself after sustaining a serious injury as a teenager. She pursued this dream by getting a degree in Kinesiology, where she learned how exercise is essential to nearly everyone and its power to change lives. She has practiced this knowledge working as a Kinesiologist in a Physio clinic for several years, and also in a fitness centre setting, where she inspired people to change their sedentary habits. Melanie loves that Homebody Health reaches members of the population who can really benefit from exercise but may not receive it from other sources. Being in a client’s home allows her to work closely alongside the individual, allowing a relationship to develop while also meeting their unique needs. The home setting also allows her to be creative and innovative in the way she implements exercises that help clients improve their overall quality of life.

Bachelor of Kinesiology, Exercise and Health Physiology (with Distinction) (2017)

CSEP- Certified Personal Trainer (2017)


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