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About Our Services

Everyone knows the benefits of activity-rich lifestyles. However, despite our good intentions to regularly exercise, only 15% of Canadian adults have found effective ways to remain physically active. You aspire to take more control of your health, but brisk winter morning walks, gym memberships and appointments across town rarely fit neatly into everyday routines and lifestyles.

The key to longevity and improved quality of life is a personal, subtle and attainable approach. Homebody Health provides professional in-home physiotherapy counselling, working with your unique lifestyle.


Professionally certified and regulated, your personal Homebody Health physiotherapist will consider your aspirations, health history, circumstances, comfort and stamina. We help you get started, making activity feel less like traditional exercise and more like inspiring, real life adventure.

Your priorities inform our professional practice. Be it injury prevention or recovery, endurance or confidence; your Homebody Health physiotherapist designs and tracks programs unique to you in every way.

Your schedule, your physiology, your goals, in your home.

Our Services

We consider cost-effective therapy options and are passionate about including caregivers and families in the home program, when desired. Our team of physical therapists and kinesiologists are there for ongoing support and will keep your team updated as you wish.

Primary Services

Mobile Physiotherapy

No matter which service you choose, we come to you. We offer 1:1 physiotherapy and classes where YOU are. Look below for the complete list of services offered at Homebody Health.

1 to 1

We are the movement professionals. We examine the root causes of weakness, pain and dysfunction and give you options to regain control in the short and long term.

We have a range of techniques we can use together to work during and between sessions.


Do you sometime feel a bit stuck when you are trying to stand up? Not as confident as you would like be?

Our classes have a lighthearted warmup, followed by strength and flexibility exercises at a pace that matches your abilities.

Other Services


Our team of clinicians includes a kinesiologist. You’ll begin with a physio evaluation and then we’ll decide together if kinesiology is right for you.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Is there public funding for in home physiotherapy?

Homebody Health is a private therapy service offered:
  • as a stand alone service
  • as a bridging service to build up stamina and prepare for joining a publicly funded program
  • in addition to therapy offered at public programs

Is there insurance coverage for my therapy?

Physiotherapy coverage may be offered by some private group insurance companies (such as Sunlife, GreatWest Life, certain Alberta Blue Cross plans and others). Contact your insurance provider and ask if you have coverage for physiotherapy.

I have painful restrictions to my activity. What do you offer?

Homebody Health will be looking to identify the source of your pain. Treatment options will be discussed between you and your therapist. A balanced set of exercises are an essential component of your individualized treatment plan to regain and maintain movement and stability.

I am thinking about staying more active. Where do I begin?

Every encounter with a Homebody Health therapist is an individualized assessment with a plan to reach your goals. A balanced assessment considers aerobic endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and posture to build a picture of function.

Our Vision Is to Help All Adults Find Immediate Rewards From Moving Their Bodies

What Makes Homebody Health Unique?


Custom Designed Exercises

The right exercises can make all the difference. We couldn’t find exercises that met our standards, we made our own.

Real Useful Information

Improve your understanding of how your body moves.


Flexible Homework

Achieve confidence in your ability to set goals and priorities for a lifetime of movement.

Better Movement is Our Mission

Calgary, Alberta, Canada