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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is there public funding for in home physiotherapy?

Homebody Health is a private therapy service offered:

  • as a stand alone service
  • as a bridging service to build up stamina and prepare for joining a publicly funded program
  • in addition to therapy offered at public programs
Is there insurance coverage for my therapy?

Physiotherapy coverage may be offered by some private group insurance companies (such as Sunlife, GreatWest Life, certain Alberta Blue Cross plans and others). Contact your insurance provider and ask if you have coverage for physiotherapy.

I have painful restrictions to my activity. What do you offer?

Homebody Health will be looking to identify the source of your pain. Treatment options will be discussed between you and your therapist. A balanced set of exercises are an essential component of your individualized treatment plan to regain and maintain movement and stability.

I am thinking about staying more active. Where do I begin?

Every encounter with a Homebody Health therapist is an individualized assessment with a plan to reach your goals. A balanced assessment considers aerobic endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and posture to build a picture of function.

About Our Services

Starter Visit

90 Minutes — $150

Getting started requires more than just a home visit. After each initial assessment 60 minutes in length, we design a customized rehabilitation booklet specifically addressing where you are, where you want to be and the way forward with your rehabilitation plan.  Physiotherapy or occupational therapy- the choice is yours.

Follow Up Visit

30 or 45 Minutes — Pricing varies

Regular 30 Minute – $90

Group Rate 30 Minute – $65*

Regular 45 Minute – $110

Group Rate 45 Minute – $95*

*Group rate applies when there is no travelling for the therapist to do between client visits.


Kinesiology or Therapy Assistant Support Sessions

30 or 45 Minute Sessions

30 Minutes – $60

45 Minutes – $70        


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