Home Body AlbertaThis birdhouse is symbolic of our purpose. Think of my team as the little birds just outside your window. Homebody Health comes to your where you are and helps you find inspiration to keep going. We are always thinking of innovative ways to do this.


"Where you are" is what you identify yourself with. It might be your age or physical location. It might be where your priorities are, what you find enjoyable and rewarding. We are a unique physiotherapy company in the way we explore options for you, at this very moment we are designing and testing new rehabilitation technologies to see if they will meet your needs. We understand more options can lead to more engagement.


We are there for those people who may find certain seasons especially challenging, and conventional home exercise less than inspiring. We are there for the competitive ones who compare their pedometers scores, and for the ones who are on their journey to personal mastery of their workout ritual.

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Providing personalised in-home physiotherapy services within the greater Calgary area
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