Have you ever worried about falling when walking in the winter, taking the stairs or even walking without assistance? Exercise has a particularly positive effect on the most common modifiable intrinsic fall risk factors: muscle weakness, balance deficits and gait instabilities1. An important effect, considering those who sustain a fall related injury rarely return to their prior level of functional performance. Exercise for the promotion of balance should lay the foundation of any program aiming to reduce the risk of falling. This means challenging all states of balance (static, dynamic, proactive, reactive), under varying bases of support with decreasing levels of sensory input. This also means focusing resistance training on muscles of the lower extremities and trunk, since these muscles are key to postural equilibrium and thus the avoidance of falls. Sometimes strength needs to be the first foundational gain before balance exercises can be added to a home program. Individually tailored exercise programs can offer you a chance to improve on these risk factors, thus reducing your risk of falling and subsequent injury.



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Whether you have never exercised before or lead an active lifestyle, beginning a new exercise regimen can seem daunting at any age.  At Homebody Health Inc. we want to help you get motivated to start exercising and keep active for years to come. After all, physical activity offers one of the greatest opportunities to extend your years of active independent life, reduce the incidence and severity of disability and/or disease, as well as improve your quality of life (Cress et al., 2005).

A great first step in adopting a new exercise regimen is to develop an understanding of the benefits you can achieve through being physically active and exercising regularly.


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